• Value Incentive Plan (VIP) - by Suzanne Wagner

    Learn how the Value Incentive Plan (VIP) works and the benefits for you and the customer.

    Key takeaways: Basics of VIP, license management, and adding/renewing licenses
    Reasons for watching: Understand the benefits of subscription licensing and purchasing through the standardized Value Incentive Plan


  • VIP Discount Structure – by Suzanne Wagner

    Understand the discounting options available through VIP Select

    Key takeaways: Qualify for VIP Select, how discounts work, 3-year commit
    Reasons for watching: Understand discounting structure and the 3-year commit option for your customer

  • VIP or ETLA? – by Suzanne Wagner

    Why would a customer want to purchase through the Value Incentive Plan (VIP) or an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA)?

    Key takeaways - Main differences between VIP and ETLA
    Reasons for watching - Be able to clearly explain the differences between those programs to help your customer choose the right program for their needs

  • Choosing the Right Version of Acrobat for your Customer – by Lisa Niday

    Ensure you help your customer choose the right licensing option for Acrobat.

    Key takeaways - Questions that will help you determine the right licensing and product fit for Acrobat
    Reasons for watching - Learn discovery questions; Ensure you are recommending the right licensing and type of Acrobat for customers

  • Acrobat DC for enterprise Support Options – by Lisa Niday

    Learn how the enterprise support options can give your customers reasons to purchase enterprise

    Key takeaways - Learn what enterprise support means for customers; Learn about the on-boarding process
    Reasons for watching - To be able to use support as a means to sell the enterprise product to your customers; Understand the value of enterprise support

  • Selling the benefits of the Admin console – by Lisa Niday

    This is the value of enterprise so you need to thoroughly understand how to pitch

    Key takeaways - Value for the customer around identity, support, deployment, different types of admins
    Reasons for watching - Understand key differentiators of the enterprise offering

  • Moving from Perpetual to Subscription – by Lisa Niday

    Will help you understand the value of moving customers from perpetual to subscription

    Key takeaways - Learn how to sell the value of subscription for Acrobat customers
    Reasons for watching - Understand how to pitch subscription

  • CCT to CCE Upsell – by Ileana Funez

    Learn how to have an effective upsell conversation with qualifying CCT customers

    Key takeaways - When to introduce CCE to your CCT customer, Discovery questions to qualify your customer for CCE, Ways to make the deal bigger
    Reasons for watching - Understand which customer is a good fit for CCE, understand how to have a CCE sales conversation with your customer

  • Exclusive Benefits of Creative Cloud for enterprise – by Ileana Funez

    Learn the key differences between CCT and CCE

    Key takeaways - Security benefits of CCE, Management capabilities of CCE, Core services vs Configurable services, Enterprise-level support,
    Reasons for watching - Understand the key selling features of CCE over CCT

  • Myth busting Creative Cloud for enterprise through VIP – by Ileana Funez

    Myth busting CCE in VIP versus CCE in ETLA

    Key takeaways - Enterprise support is the same in VIP versus ETLA. Neither VIP or ETLA offerings provide the ability to turn off storage or serialized deployment as standard options.
    Reasons for watching - Understand how CCE in VIP compares to CCE in ETLA