Chris's Story

The Chris Stock story: 30 years of delivering results

For three decades Chris has shaped himself into one of the leading sales experts in the world. During this time, he’s impacted thousands of clients through his training programs, keynote speeches, and one-on-one coaching. This is his story…

At fourteen Chris took his first skiing trip. Immediately he was hooked. Every year he found himself looking forward to his ski vacations more and more. His love for the sport grew, and after High School he decided to work as a ski instructor in the French Alps.

He began looking for openings, and at a career fair in the mid-80’s he hit his first roadblock. He was told his French lacked a certain savoir-faire; it wasn’t good enough. But knowing this was his dream, Chris couldn’t be discouraged. Instead, he focused on his skiing ability and began practicing four to six times a week.

Eventually he qualified as an instructor, and found a ski company where he didn’t need to speak French. A few years after being told he wouldn’t be able to work on a ski slope, he secured a job at the resort Val D’Isere. His many highlights include a dinner with famous English soccer star Bobby Moore and his wife. This experience taught Chris the importance of following through on your dreams.

Though he had told his parents he was going away for only one season, he spent the next five years teaching skiing in the winter and watersports in the summer. It’s as a coach and trainer that Chris is at his best. He sees the best in everyone and helps them achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

At the end of Chris’s time as a ski instructor, thanks to a new line of products and booming markets, IBM was hiring. They were seeking candidates with IT and sales experience. Chris had neither, but he knew how to connect with people. He knew how to build relationships, and in 1994 he joined IBM Direct in an inside sales job.

Within a year Chris was the first employee to be moved to IBM UK where he started in a field sales position. He rose rapidly through the organization, and later joined IBM Global Services where he sold multi-million dollar Strategic Outsourcing deals at board level. He closed his first deal at $7.5 million. Not too bad for snowbird turned salesman.

By 2000 Chris was well known in the sales world, and that year Intel made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He managed the Gateway Computers account before moving to HP across Europe, and finally became the Global Account Director for BP. This position would turn out to be a huge deal not just for Chris but for the future of the business world. During this time, he was responsible for bringing WiFi to all of BP's global offices worldwide. This was the first ever global WiFi implementation, and became a watershed moment as other corporations followed suit. This global WiFi implementation resulted in $1.8 million of incremental revenue to Intel each month. 

In addition, Chris focused on sales engagement which would eventually lead to a huge opportunity. By being forward-looking he was able to identify a specific opportunity opening up as UK laws changed. As a result, he was able to meet one of the UK Government’s objectives concerning tech adoption. By putting various pieces of the puzzle together and facilitating some very high-level strategic meetings, he was able to create a new market which resulted in $100 million of revenue in 18 months.

During his time with Intel, Chris attended Henley Business school, University of Reading in the UK where he received his MBA. His dissertation focused on developing self-efficacy in a UK sales force using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This master’s degree became a pivotal moment for Chris. It gave him the opportunity to be his own boss.

Growing up, Chris had always wanted to own his own company. The problem was no one in his family had run their own business, and he was persuaded into getting a job with the security of a paycheck. With his MBA in hand, Chris finally had the skills and confidence he needed to start his own business. Chris knew the experience would be life changing.

He would go from the comfort of a six-figure salary to the thrill and freedom of generating all his own income. He would go from being highly successful in his field to starting from scratch. He would go from focusing on sales to running a business. He would go from making decisions that impacted his company to making decisions that would impact the world. Thrilled by the opportunities and challenges, in 2004 Chris started his own sales training business.

Though Chris understood sales, there was a lot more to running a business. He had no problem selling his training programs, but he quickly learned that’s only one piece of the pie. Over the next three years Chris would rack up $150,000 in credit card debt. While he was learning the ropes, it took a lot of hard work and ingenuity just to keep the company running. By 2008 things were looking up. The company was turning a profit and Chris was paying down debt. But it was clear fate had something more in store for Chris, and in 2008 the global economy collapsed. With a proverbial British, stiff upper lip, Chris carried his team through the next couple of years by keeping a handful of loyal customers. Always forward-looking, Chris kept his small team together during this time and was in position to capitalize when the economy picked up. And when it did, Chris began growing the business.

He found clients large and small. He worked with creatives, such as a potter who made teapots, a furniture manufacturer, a tea importer, and companies like Google, BMW, and Sony Pictures. Whoever the client, Chris consistently delivered results moving the needle considerably every time.

During this time, Chris and a friend trained for a mountain biking trip across the Himalayas. After a year of training they were ready to hit the road. The two week bike ride culminated in a chance meeting with a holy man at the end of the Kangra Valley. This fateful meeting resulted in the authoring of a book and kick-started Chris’s keynote speaking career. Currently, Chris has spoken on five continents and is looking for an opportunity to speak in Africa (Antarctica isn’t off the table though).

With a new book out and business going great, Chris was looking for new ways to expand. In 2013 he decided to merge his company with his half-brother’s. This would mean moving the company, himself, his partner, and their dog Oscar to California. Chris had always looked up to his older brother and was excited for the move. Once again, fate had something else in store. A year later, the deal had gone south. With no contract in place, Chris lost everything he had worked for. He lost customers, his business, and his home. Newly married, he and his partner had nothing. Naturally, there was a lot of anger and grief.

There was talk of moving back to the UK; talk of getting a salaried job; talk of giving up on their dream. But they both felt like something was missing. Something was left undone. They hadn’t achieved what they had travelled so far to do. So, in spite of the obstacles, they moved to San Diego and started a new sales training and mentoring business.

Today Chris works with businesses large and small. He increases revenues by coaching, training, and mentoring CEO’s, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and sales teams. He measures his success by the success of his clients.

For years Chris hid behind various brands. His first was Endless Perception. Later he created Nail that Sale, which according to Chris was fun but felt a bit cheesy. Later he created DevEvo which lacked the personality and ‘human’ quality that Chris loves. This is why he decided to own his space and I am Chris Stock was born.

Chris brings together 30 years of experience to make an extraordinary difference to each and every client he works with. His skills, experience, and certificates include:

  • MBA, Henley Business School

  • Registered NLP Trainer, Society of NLP

  • Executive Coaching Certificate, Henley Business School

  • Visiting faculty, Chartered institute of Marketing

  • Visiting faculty, MSc, Coaching and Behavioral Change

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Sailing Skipper, US Sailing

  • Certified English Gent

The past 30 years has seen Chris Stock grow and evolve into the type of sales coach the world needs: a gentleman. One who doesn’t see clients as numbers, demographics, market segments, or as a means to an end. He sees them as people. By focusing on the connections all people share, he is able to serve an increasingly diverse and sophisticated customer base. Everything he does is focused on delivering results. By highlighting the ‘human’ element of sales, he is able to help high-integrity leaders present and sell themselves, and ultimately grow their bottom line. Chris’s goal is to help people and businesses achieve their dreams. What’s yours?