A Growth Stage Startup

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You Are The Founder/CEO Of A Growth Stage Startup

You’ve achieved product / market fit, have made some sales in a defined market, and have the funding or revenue to increase your sales team and sales efforts. Now it’s up to you to prove your success is repeatable, predictable, and able to deliver a return to your investors.

And though the growth stage is exciting, where every dollar invested can be multiplied dozens of times, it’s also stressful. You have to transition from making sales to managing a sales team. You need to move to a model where you can predict with a level of certainty your sales and revenue. You need to let go of day-to-day sales and marketing activities and make the transition to managing and coaching others.

We Help You GoBIG

Chris and his team will support you as you move from managing individual sales to hiring, compensating, managing, and motivating a sales team. Through practice, rehearsal, and roleplay, we help you gain the tools and confidence you need to transition from being a founder to being a leader.

You’ll learn:

  • Powerful leadership skills so you can manage your sales team now and as it grows
  • How to determine touch-points within a sales process so you know who to engage with and when
  • How to engage and win enterprise customers, resulting in bigger deals and more revenue
  • How to coordinate marketing and sales to create common positioning and brand building
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How We Get You There

We’ve built BIG with growth stage leaders and their team in mind. Throughout BIG we’ll work with you to:

  • Build and manage a sales team that outperforms the competition
  • Manage your accounts, upsell existing clients, and begin moving prospects through the sales process
  • Identify opportunities for rapid growth and acquire the funds to support the drive - we help you get it right the first time
  • Create repeatable success through a well defined and communicated sales model

We do this by providing a safe environment where you’ll learn and practice leadership skills as we coach you to develop a winning mindset. We’ll roleplay and rehearse your actual business scenarios in a community of entrepreneurs and professionals facing the same challenges as you.

As the leader of your company, our Platinum membership is perfect for you. With its focus on developing coaching and leadership skills, 1-on-1 executive mentoring with Chris, and NLP Master certification, you can be sure to gain skills and confidence applicable to any leadership situation. And our Gold membership is perfect for your sales team. Chris and his team take Gold members through sales training, opportunity reviews, deal coaching, business strategy training, how to develop a winning mindset, and more!

With Chris and his team by your side, you and your team will have the confidence you need to GoBIG, now and for the lifetime of your company.

Grow your business and increase your revenue with BIG