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Who works with Chris Stock?

CEOs, business owners and key executives who want to achieve unprecedented success. Customers run businesses or business units with annual sales ranging from $1M to more than $1B.

Most executives can define their success to how they present and sell themselves along with the decisions they make. Making the right ones is paramount for business growth. Chris has built his business on supporting business leaders in this endeavor.

So what sets Chris Stock apart? The combination of his sales and leadership experience, his academic knowledge, his personality, a common-sense approach and the processes, resources and assets he’s developed.

Coaching leaders to top performance

Chris worked with a highly recognized business leader (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) who works for a Blue Chip corporation. He was attending an in-house executive development program. It’s one of those programs that develops you and assures you are ready for your next promotion, typically a board or executive VP position.

Chris worked with him on his final presentation, the presentation he was going to make to the President. Chris developed the story and honed his message. The result was the presentation was recognized as the top performer within his peer group.

Ultimately, he was promoted to the Board of Directors, received a 30% pay rise and now manages an organization delivering $1Bn of revenue to the business.