A Large Enterprise

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You Are A Large Enterprise

You’re an established brand with mainstream customers, a deal pipeline, and sales processes that wants to grow its revenue by developing a bespoke sales training and business development program for your team.

With rapidly changing markets, new competitors popping up, and high demands for returns, large and established enterprises have to be proactive to stay at the front of the pack. This means constantly updating, learning, and revising, but it doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel.

That’s why we work with you to develop a bespoke training program that ties in precisely with your company principles and links into existing methodologies. Now that’s BIG!

We Help You GoBIG

Chris and his team have run bespoke training programs for over 15 years with clients such as Google, BMW, and Fujitsu. Chris and his team start by identifying and clearly defining the problem with you. Then they create a solution: a totally customized training program for your sales and sales management team.

Your team will:

  • Identify, define, and address specific problems across the sales organization
  • Learn world-class sales and sales management skills
  • Learn to gain the trust of prospects, build stronger relationships, and upsell existing clients
  • Have fun - it’s not just sales training! Your team will learn more, work harder, and be excited to get to work with our enjoyable and interactive trainings and workshops
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How We Get You There

We’ve developed BIG with large enterprises in mind, and we understand no two businesses are the same. That’s why we’re dedicated to flexible training courses totally customized to fit your needs. Chris loves chatting - and sales is his favorite subject - so be sure to set up a meeting to discuss what your company needs to GoBIG. Here are some of the outcomes you may choose to focus on:

  • Run a sales kickoff meeting, bringing applicable sales takeaways to the session rather than just a motivational keynote
  • Address specific problems your team is facing now, and give them the tools to address future problems as they develop
  • Build a culture of trust - we stress morale and teamwork because together we GoBIG
  • Reverse the negative sales trends occurring in the organization - such as dropping revenue or slowing growth

After over 15 years of running sales and business development training, Chris knows how to set the stage for growth to happen. Along with his team, he’ll create a safe environment where your team will learn and practice sales and sales management skills that impact your specific business issues. We’ll roleplay and rehearse actual sales scenarios your team is facing.

This allows your individual team members to achieve personal learning and growth while giving the team a chance to bond, laugh together, practice effective communication, and learn to trust and rely on one another. Once expectations are set and your team is on the same page, they can all work towards the collective goal of increased revenue and BIG growth.

No matter the problems your business is facing and no matter its goals, the BIG bespoke training program is the perfect launching point for you and your team to GoBIG!

Grow your business and increase your revenue