A Small/Medium Sized Business

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You Are A Small/Medium Sized Business

You have lead generation, sales processes, and have or are building a sales team. Your business is making sales, but you have BIGger goals and see room to grow. To do it, you need to inspire and coach your team to win bigger deals, more deals, and quicker deals.

It’s not enough to make some sales then sit back on your heels. If you want to be successful, you need to consistently grow your business. You need to identify rapidly changing market opportunities and be flexible enough to adapt to them. That’s how you grow and that’s how you GoBIG.

We Help You GoBIG

Chris and his team supports you as you begin to engage in more and bigger deals, and begin progressing through deals more rapidly. Through practice, rehearsal, and roleplay, we help you and your team gain the skills you need to start GoingBIG.

You’ll learn:

  • Powerful leadership and relationship building tools and techniques
  • How to develop, motivate, and focus your sales team on winning deals
  • How to reduce dreaded customer churn
  • How to build strategic relationships with key customers
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How We Get You There

We’ve developed BIG with small/medium sized businesses in mind. Throughout BIG we’ll work with you to:

  • Recognize competitive threats and evolving markets - we do things differently to stay ahead of the curve
  • Refine your sales strategy to ensure ongoing alignment with the business goals
  • Accurately qualify opportunities, focusing the team on the deals we can win
  • Support the sales leader through the business and sales transition

We do this by providing a safe environment where your team will learn and practice sales and sales management skills as we coach them to develop a winning mindset. We’ll roleplay and rehearse actual business scenarios in a community of entrepreneurs and professionals facing the same challenges as your team.

Our Platinum membership is perfect for the leaders of your team. With its focus on developing coaching and leadership skills, 1-on-1 executive mentoring with Chris, and NLP Master certification, you can be sure they’ll gain skills and confidence applicable to any leadership situation. And our Gold membership is perfect for your sales team. Chris and his team take Gold members through sales training, opportunity reviews, deal coaching, business strategy training, and how to develop a winning mindset.

With Chris and his team by your side, you and your team will have the confidence you need to GoBIG, now and for the lifetime of your company.

Grow your business and increase your revenue with BIG