The Value of Working with Chris


“In business, relationships are perhaps the only true differentiator we have.” - Chris Stock

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No one understands the challenges and needs of CEOs, business owners and key sales executives better than Chris Stock.

For more than 15 years, Chris has been helping business and sales leaders address their most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities. He’s designed the most comprehensive approach to help you and your sales teams achieve a competitive advantage.

Chris puts any ego aside to help you and your teams in the pursuit of excellence. He delivers the increased revenue and better results every time and is what makes him very different.

He achieves this through a portfolio of world-class mentoring, coaching and sales training to ensure business results and increased sales are achieved.

Make the right decisions to drive Business Growth.

Working with Chris Stock, you get access to a world leading business growth expert with proven results with his clients. He’s hired time and time again by his clients because he delivers results every time.

Chris works with CEOs, business owners, key executives and sales teams from companies small and large including Google, Adobe, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, BMW, Balcara Health, Sony Pictures and RealPatientRatings to name a few.

compass excellence
  • increased revenue

    Increased revenue.

    Achieve increased revenue for your business by implementing effective sales processes and developing sales competencies, skills and motivation across sales teams.

  • better results

    Better results.

    Realize better results for you and your business through transformational growth. You will have a distinct advantage in how you and your teams perform.

  • better decision

    Improved decisions.

    As an executive, your success, your company's success and your reputation depends on the decisions you make. Improved decision making is vital by refining your instincts, improving your judgement, using tools to assess situation and expand your perspective.

  • better leadership

    Better leaders.

    As an executive new challenges evolve as your company grows. Chris delivers the support to help you identify new skills, competencies and training for you and your team to maintain and accelerate business growth.

What our clients say

Drive the right results

“I’ve absolutely loved working with Chris. He brings a real passion, energy and absolute pragmatism. He also keeps me really honest. He’s very big picture focused, but actually he helps me to understand how to drive the right results. He’s also a lot of fun!”

— Claire Darley, Senior Director of Consumer & Business - EMEA at Adobe